• Prof Jerome Noailly

    Student Committee Chair

    Prof. Jerome Noailly

    UPF Barcelona University

  • Samuele Gould


    Samuele Gould

    Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna

  • Mahdi Jaber


    Mahdi Jaber

    Charité - Berlin University of Medicine

  • Mojtaba Lashgari


    Mojtaba Lashgari

    University of Oxford

  • Benjamin Matheson


    Benjamin Matheson

    University of Leeds

  • Robyn May


    Robyn May

    University of Auckland

  • Domitille Princelle


    Domitille Princelle

    Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna

  • Anna Ramella


    Anna Ramella

    Politecnico di Milano

The VPHi student committee is a group of active VPHi student members, whose aim is to:

  • promote the VPHi as a community and the career development of the young scientists of this community
  • highlight excellence within the VPHi and provide student members with a label of quality through different types of recognition and awards
  • favour scientific interactions between junior and senior community members and across the VPHi disciplines
  • favour collaborations and mentoring activities among VPHi students
  • favour the mobility of the student members within the VPHi community

To achieve its goals the student committee organises a number of interesting activities:

VPHi Keynote webinar series: A series of online seminars that feature high profile members of the VPH community. This quarterly event provides a forum for access to senior community members and their expert competence for young scientists, but also to the VPH community as a whole. Check out all past webinars on our YouTube channel

VPH Barcelona Summer School: A yearly event that takes place in Barcelona in collaboration with Universitat Pompeu Fabra, whose aim is to develop skills (inside and outside academia) that respond to public and private needs. The Summer School provides a thorough overview and hands-on experience in state-of-the-art VPH research. The key concepts of this methodological and technological framework are presented using illustrative cases and enriched with hands-on analysis under supervision of the experts.

Mentoring events: These events are designed to enhance the learning experience for PhD students. They are a special opportunity for trainees to meet and network with senior members of the community and receive career advice and insights.

Dissemination activities: via both the VPHi newsletter and our social media.

Want to know more? Contact us, (roberta@vph-institute.org) then!